LEFIS WG3l Assembly

Malta 8th April






8th of April
Opening Adress

Luis Miguel Muñoz, Zaragoza University, Spain

The Bologna Process and the Tuning project: Educational Structures in Europe

Fernando Galindo

The significance of the Tuning project for "The LEFIS model": Main elements and features of a structure for Continuing education in computer and law studies.  Presentation and discussion on basis of "Template for summary of Tuning subject area findings" (distributed before the meeting)

Fernando Galindo

Presentations, questions and discussion regarding continuing education within computers and law
Luis Miguel Muñoz

Course “e-Commerce & European Legislation”

Joe Cannataci

Continuing & Post-graduate education in Computers & Law

Roberta Nannucci

Tuning and Continuing Education: ITTIG’s Activity


Piotr Chrzczonowicz

Continuing Education of Criminal justice Practicioners

Rimantas Petrauskas

Practicals Related to Continuous Education


George Dimitrov

Recent developments in Bulgaria on Continuing Legal Education



Pieter Kleve

Continuing Education; experiences in Holland



Selahattin Kuru

Experiences in continuing education in the Fmv Isik University

  Pilar Lasala

Experiences in continuing education in the university of Zaragoza

Robert Queck


Abdul Paliwala

Continuing Education on ICT and Law in Britain

Vladimir Vrecion

The Teaching and Implementation of Advanced Computing Methods (ACM)

Luis Miguel Muñoz

A place to share knowledge


Planning of WG3 activities

ernando Galindo

Planning of WG3 activities:

  • Learning material

  • Model of e-learning module

  • Book

Plan for Law:
Plan for Business:
Plan for ICTS:
General Plan WG3:








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